Gun ‘n Rose 1992: The acting leaves a lot to be desired

Taiwanese gang boss Jeff appoints his adopted son Alan as his successor over his two biological sons, Simon and Bowie. But greed takes precedence over family loyalty as Bowie turns police informant in an attempt to put Alan in jail.

Alan flees to HK where the film (phim hanh dong xa hoi den) takes a completely wacky turn and chronicles the exploits of a lowly hood (Andy Lau) and his adventures with best girl Loletta Lee and horny sister Carrie Ng. Alan is hiding with crippled wife Monica Chan. But he gets dragged back into the triad life by Andy’s incessant activities and the reappearance of Leon. Then Alan returns to Taiwan for the final showdown with Simon.

Sadly, the acting leaves a lot to be desired. Leon Lai is blandly intense, Simon Yam wasted, and Andy Lau (Luu Duc Hoa) annoying to an incredible fault. This is Lau in smarmy mode, where he attempts a Chow Yun-Fat type of charisma, but usually comes off as bothersome.

Even more out of place is Alan Tang, who uses an army of stunt doubles to achieve dizzying action stunts. When he clearly can’t jump two feet off the ground. Since he’s also the producer of the film, Gun ‘n Rose (Tung Hoanh Tu Hai) ultimately feels like a well-staged vanity project for Tang. Standard triad clichés abound, and aside from the action, very little is left to compensate. Also, the middle section of the film is tiresome, with too much lousy comedy and wacky hijinks that grate on the viewer. There’s a definite fan base for this flick, but I am not a part of it. This review comes from

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