Escape Room 2 First Look: The Movie Reveals Title, Plot and Images

The sequel to the 2019 hit horror movie Escape Room arrives in theaters in a couple of months. And we finally have a better idea of what to expect.

Sony Pictures have announced the title and plot details of the sequel to their surprise 2019 hit movie, Escape Room. In an exclusive reveal to CinemaBlend. Sony revealed the claustrophobic follow up will be called Escape Room: Tournament of Champions, and as you would expect. It looks like things are going to be bigger and more disturbing than in the original.

Based on the world-wide phenomenon of Escape Rooms. A simple enough principle of a group of people being locked in a room together with a series of tricky puzzles to solve. The movie obviously didn’t stick with the idea that everyone escapes whether they win or not. Instead the film saw six strangers being invited by a mystery host to take part in a challenging escape room which has more in common with the Saw franchise than a team-bonding session. As with every such horror story, by the end of the movie most of the cast were dead, and a mystery organization were attempting to cover up the events that had transpired. This gives Escape Room: Tournament of Champions the basis of its plot and the expansion of the world in which it is set.

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions is the sequel to the box office hit psychological thriller that terrified audiences around the world. In this installment, six people unwittingly find themselves locked in another series of escape rooms, slowly uncovering what they have in common to survive… And discovering they’ve all played the game before.

Ahead of the trailer drop on Wednesday, Adam Robitel, in his CinemaBlend interview, said. “What we’re going to find out is that though we had an insular view in the first movie of just Zoe’s story, what we’re going to realize is that on any given day, there are multiple games happening all around the world. Ben and Zoe are going to quickly realize that there are some other people in this movie. Other characters who’ve also been through the games and suddenly now it’s sort of like a game of champions. They’ve all played the game before. It’s sort of a meditation on trauma, and how people deal with trauma. But also, what they’ve learned through their first trial by fire.”

Actors Taylor Russell and Logan Miller return for the sequel. Picking up their characters in the aftermath of the brutal experience they suffered in Escape Room. With Russell’s character Zoey in particular becoming obsessed with exposing the shady Minos company behind the games along with their manipulation and murder of innocent people. This leads to the pair joining the titular Tournament of Champions. Where they are joined by and forced to compete against others who have survived the depraved games of Minos.

Robitel was happy to further elaborate on some of the other “contestants” taking part in the games. But was a little more guarded about the identity of who exactly is creating the deadly escape rooms to punish people and challenge them for certain reasons. Again, there are heavy hints of Saw coming into this. With the air that Minos are manipulating and torturing it’s participants as part of a moral crusade.

“What I try to do is set up questions for each of them. Like I did in the first movie, ” he continued. “We’re leaning into, ‘Why does this person have a scar?’ And ‘Why is this guy seemingly reading the last rights to somebody?’ There’s one character who has a very odd physical — not malady. But like an anomalous immune system, and so there’s weird things that happen with pain. And so we’re setting up all these questions (proving) that they’re not your average characters. They each have a little mystery that speaks to the games that they went through.”

Anyone who thinks that all the answers are going to be revealed. And that this will be last Escape Room we see. Really don’t watch this type of movie very often. Escape Room: Tournament of Champions will be arriving in cinemas on the 16th July, just in time for all those coming out of lockdown to go sit in a dark room and watch other people being locked up in dark rooms.

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