All’s Well End’s Well 2010 Review: The film manages laughs and some surprises

It’s a tribute to my love for the great slapstick comedian, Sandra Ng, that I watch such dreck as this. I might pan such movies but I’d still give them a try just because she’s in them, just in case one of these “mo lei tau” (brainless and senseless) comedies rubs me in the all the right ways, like with Mortuary Blues.

Anyway, this movie is pretty bad. A barely-there story is to be expected but the jokes were barely there as well. With the exception of the two veteran leads, Sandra and Raymond Wong. The actors cross the line from slapstick to slapc*ck. The latter, as expected, is painful to watch and experience.

It starts out flat and sometimes annoys. But All’s Well End’s Well 2010 (Tinh Truong Quy Kien Sau 4) still manages laughs and even some surprises. If you hate these types of nonsensical Lunar New Year movies, this one will not change your mind. But if you like unpretentious silliness featuring movie parodies and loony stars, then this should float your boat. Much, much better than last year’s hit All’s Well End’s Well 2009.  The surprises are Angelababy, who’s more animated than one would expect from a model-turned-actress, and Ronald Cheng, who actually turns in a strong comedic and dramatic performance.

Actual action is not bad

Cheng’s professionalism is appreciated, especially since few people probably would have cared had he simply lazed through the film. All’s Well End’s Well 2009 was a major blockbuster despite being pretty lousy, with most of its effort expended on product placement for an online game, a China resort, and Raymond Wong himself. 2010 has product placement too, but it’s integrated in a much better manner. And there are some genuinely inspired and funny moments here. The film’s Ip Man parody is especially good, with Louis Koo’s (Co Thien Lac) emperor taking on ten palace bodyguards with his own droll variation on Donnie Yen’s now infamous machine gun punches.

Actual action is not bad either, with Ronald Cheng doing some minor, perfunctory fake fighting. Overall, All’s Well End’s Well Too 2010 is a real step up from last year’s entry in the series. And can easily be enjoyed as daffy, unpretentious silliness. It’s still crap, but knowing, enjoyable crap that rarely pretends to be anything than what it is. Modesty is something we should appreciate.

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