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5 Things to know about Romeo Beckham’s girlfriend, Mia Regan
[Image: 78732881.jpg]

Romeo Beckham and Mia Reagan

The older son of retired footballer David Beckham and singer-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham, Brooklyn, recently got engaged to actress Nicola Peltz. And now, younger son Romeo has shared a cute family picture of his girlfriend Mia ‘Mimi’ Regan, with his younger sister Harper.

[Image: 78732891.cms]

They made for a cute photo as they posed piggy-back style in his Cotswolds home. He captioned the photo: '2 princesses.' Romeo has been posting quite a few cute pictures with her, including an underwater selfie from one of their getways. Here's a little more about her…

1) Mia Regan is a 17-year-old Brit model from Bath, England. 2) Called ‘Mimi Moocher’, she and Romeo went ‘official on Instagram’ in September 2019.

3) She seems to have grown close to the Beckham family, attending several of their events, and has supported his mum Victoria’s fashion initiatives.

4) The two were separated during quarantine in the early part of the year, but she then joined him and his family on a holiday in Italy. She seems to have a sense of adventure, judging by all the trips they’ve taken.

5) She was also reportedly tapped to be the face of the latest Victoria Beckham collection. She has her own funky, vibrant style, evident from her Insta posts.


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