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Brittany Snow counts her stars to have been married before lockdown
[Image: 76889693.jpg]

Actress Brittany Snow got married to Tyler Stanaland in March, and she feels extremely lucky to have tied the knot before isolation orders were put in place due to Covid pandemic.

She said, "In early March, before we knew how much we'd miss hugs and live in our sweatpants, I got to marry my favorite person. The whole world shut down a few days later and we were stunned at the timing. We knew we felt incredibly lucky to have found each other but we had no idea how lucky it would be to get married right before a monumental time in our history," Brittany wrote on Instagram.

Along with it, she shared a few pictures of her wedding day.

Despite several hurdles, the couple had a perfect celebration.

"Everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong that day... but it was absolutely and impossibly perfect. I knew on that day, more than ever before, there was no one else I'd rather hold my hand while in the middle of a (life) hurricane. I love you @tylerstanaland. You're my dream come true," she added.

Brittany Snow is an American Actor, producer, director and singer. She is recognised for her TV series and the movie 'John Tucker must die'.

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Brittany Snow counts her stars to have been married before lockdown00