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When Will Smith met Sadhguru!
[Image: 78727529.jpg]

Hollywood superstar Will Smith and his family recently spent some quality time with Indian spiritual leader and author Sadhguru.

Photographs released by the spiritual leader on social media show the two seem to have had a heart to heart conversation. The images hint at various moods of Will Smith, sometimes pensive while listening to Sadhguru and at other times in a jolly mood.

[Image: will_smith_sadhguru.jpg]

Sharing the photographs of their meeting on his verified Twitter account, Sadhguru wrote: "Will, it was a pleasure to spend some time with you and your wonderful family. May your Sangha be strong and Dharma be your guide. -Sg #WillSmith."

Smith was last seen in 'Bad Boys For Life', the third part of the buddy cop film series , 'Bad Boys', which released earlier this year before the Covid-19 pandemic.

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